29 Mar 2015

Possessive Adjectives!

This video will show us how to use these possessive adjectives...

Now practice!!!!!!!!!!!
Complete the sentences with my, your, his, her, its, our or their
Mary is doing  homework.
Do you live with  parents?
We love  new car.
He's in  bedroom.
The children are with  father.
I like  job.
Are you and your friend enjoying  English classes?
Venice is famous for  canals.
She's with  best friend.
They haven't got  books.
She's in  office.
He's looking for trousers.
I like visiting  friends.
Are the teachers having  meeting now?
Have you got  umbrella?
Choose the correct word to complete the sentences
    I love my mother. _______ name is Mary.
    Peter and Sally study English. ________ teacher is funny.
    This is a beautiful tree. ________ leaves are a beautiful colour.
    John has a brother. ________ brother is 25 years old.
    I want to phone Sarah. Do you know ________ telephone number?

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