31 May 2015

UNIT 4: The time

Hi there!

Practice telling the time with this Interactive Pirate Waters Board Game!!!!

UNIT 4: Present Simple

Hi there!

Click below and practise!!! 

Fill in the blanks in the Present Simple Tense!!!!

Exercises on Form

Write down the missing sentences.
II play.
youYou help.
heHe does not answer.
sheDoes she sing?
itIt rains.
weDo we dream?
youYou do not read.
theyDo they work?


Unit 4. Every Day

You will watch a video of a man’s everyday life and learn words to describe what you do every day. You will also have a chance to write sentences about your daily life.

18 May 2015

11 May 2015

Unit 3 b. Body Parts!!

Watch this video and then write down as many body parts as you can remember in your folder!