30 Nov 2015

Revision of the Reader: Shertlock Holmes and the Blue Diamond

Sherlock Holmes-The Blue Diamond

· Book Title: Sherlock Holmes-The Blue Diamond

· Writer: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

· Publishing Company: OXFORD University Press.

· Date of Publication: 2002

· What is the genre of the book?(the kind of book- comedy, action, mystery etc.)?
It’s a mystery story.

· What is the setting of the story? (place)
The story happened in 221B Barker street and the Alpha, a pub .

· Who are the characters in the story? (important people or things)
Dr Watson It’s a friend of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes is a detective. Peterson is a doorman. Mr Henry Baker is the owner of the hat and goose. Countess Morcaris is the owner of the blue diamond. John Horner is a man who repairs the windows. Mr Windigate is the owner of the Alpha Pub. Mr Breckinridges is a man who sells geese. James Ryder is the man who stole the blue diamond.

· What is the conflict in the story? (the problem)
Somebody stole the blue diamond from the Countess Morcar . The police thought the window man stole the blue diamond. Sherlock Holmes wants to find the real thief.

· What is the plot of the story? (the important events)
The doorman found the hat and the goose. He gave the hat to Sherlock Holmes and he took the goose to for him self. Then the doorman found blue diamond in the goose. He took it to Sherlock.Then he started on this case. After that he saw a weak little man shouting at Mr Breckinriges about his goose. Sherlock asked him about his name. Then the little man said “I well told you about every thing”.He said he stole the blue diamond from Countess Morcar.Police thought the window man stole the blue diamond.Then he went to his sister and she had a farm. He went on the farm and thinking where he will hide the diamond. He have a goose to his sister. After that he decided to put it into the goose.After that his sister sold all the goose to the Mr Breckinridges. So he was there to tell him to retune his goose. James Ryder was sorry and he wont do it again. He asked Sherlock “please don’t tell the police”. Sherlock said “that’s not my job”. Ryder was afraid Sherlock told him Christmas is a time to be nice to other people.

· How is the problem solved at the end of the story?
Sherlock Holmes found the thief and now he will not do some thing wrong again.

· What was the best thing that happened in the story? Why do you think so?
When the doorman found the blue diamond in the goose because its imposable to find a diamond into a goose.

· What is your opinion of the book? Give reasons.
It’s a wonderful story because the criminal knows his fault and he will not do it again.

11 Nov 2015

Unit 10: Verb want to

Present Tense
I want _____
We want _____
You want _____
You want _____
He wants _____
She wants _____
It wants _____
They want _____
The verb "want" requires an object:
  • I want a banana. (The word "banana" is an object.)
  • She wants some coffee. (The word "coffee" is an object.)
  • They want some help. (The word "help" is an object.)

Present Tense - negative
I don't want _____
We don't want _____
You don't want _____
You don't want _____
He doesn't want _____
She doesn't want _____
It doesn't want _____
They don't want _____
Remember: You must have an object after the verb "want."
  • I don't want any mustard on my sandwich.
  • He doesn't want to go home. (The infinitive, "to go" is the object.)
  • We don't want them.

The word "want" is often heard in questions:
  • What do you want?
  • Do you want anything to drink?
  • Does he want anything to drink?
  • Where do they want to go today?
  • When do you want to leave for the airport?

Here are some examples:
  • A: What do you want?
  • B: I want a cup of coffee.
a cup of coffee.
  • A: What does he want to do?
  • B: He wants to play basketball. He doesn't want to play football.
boy playing basketball
  • A: What do they want to do?
  • B: They want to go hiking. They don't want to go swimming.


Watch this video::

Directions: Fill in the blanks with the helping verb (do or does) and the main verb (want or wants).
1- 10 Present Tense:
  1. What _______ you _________ ?
  2. I ________ to get a Coke.
  3. What ________ she ________?
  4. She _________ a new bike.
  5. What ________ they ________?
  6. They ________ to go on a trip.
  7. He _________ __________ anything. (negative)
  8. We _________ __________ that car. (negative)
  9. What _________ the dog _________?
  10. He __________ to go out.

9 Nov 2015

Unit 10- Adventure

Watch the pictures and describe them in class with your teacher!! There is one example for you

 Resultado de imagen para adventure photos

What can you see???

Possible answer: I can see a man rock climbing. There are mountains and a river or a sea. It is a blue sea. It is a hot sunny day!!!

Now it is your turn:

Resultado de imagen para adventure photos

Resultado de imagen para adventure photos

Resultado de imagen para adventure photos


Resultado de imagen para adventure photos